Is it time for an upgrade?

Bike Exchange Process:

Get the bike to us.
We will evaluate the value of your bike. It's quick and easy.

Choose from one of the following options:

  • Exchange Value: Exchange can be for a bike or any other products or services offered by Yas Cycles.
  • Outright Sale Value (Cash): If you are looking for cash we tend to be a bit more selective focusing on higher-end well looked after items that are less than a few years old. For bikes that means an original retail value of AED 2500 or more.
  • We also offer a 'Sale On Commission' service in certain cases. With that you get paid when the bike sells, we need it in-store though for viewing while it's on sale 
  • What we buy: Bikes less than 7 years old, MTB/ E-bikes 4 Years old. Bikes above 2500 AED (new retail price).