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Yas Mena Cycles



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  • High energy density
  • Optimal digestibility
  • Staggered energy release

HIGH ENERGY BAR, the high-quality cereal bar from Sponser®, provides fast and long-lasting energy for top athletic performance!

The energy bar consists of short-, medium- and long-chain carbohydrates and thus provides a staggering energy supply. Depending on the taste, the added milk protein provides 7-9% protein, which is especially beneficial for the muscles during long endurance efforts.

The pre-gelatinized oat raw materials make HIGH ENERGY BAR easily digestible so that it is optimally tolerated even under high-intensity exercise. The energy bar is additionally enriched with medium-chain fatty acids (MCT) from coconut and rapeseed oil, which provide additional, easily digestible energy. For years, HIGH ENERGY BAR has been well established among numerous top long-distance athletes who are also dependent on solid food during competition. Especially cyclists and triathletes.

High Energy Bar Berry: not vegan

Ingredients (Berry): Fructose-glucose syrup, glucose syrup, rice crisp (rice, wheat malt, glucose, sugar, salt), oat bran 15% (EU), maltodextrin, coconut and rapeseed oil 5.9% (MCT1), oat flakes 4.4% (EU), milk protein (contains lactose), coloring black carrot concentrate, sugared cranberries 1.5%, dried blueberries 0.7% (with sugar, sunflower oil), dried strawberries 0.7%, flavor, lemon juice concentrate. May contain traces of soya and nuts.

Developed and produced in Switzerland

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