Uncovering the #AurumExperience: 2 Years in the UAE


AURUM arrived in the UAE last winter season. We are soon to celebrate 2 years of AURUM in the UAE and we cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by having our clients share with you their #AurumExperience so far.

To get the ball rolling, we will start with Yas Cycles' very first AURUM client in the UAE, Bernadette. Our client was looking to upgrade her bike to not only a more aerodynamic bike, but also a lifetime bike. Thanks to AURUM, she got a bike that she could completely customize with her preferred components, and the result is nothing short of ultimate fast performance.

Bernadette chose the AURUM Magma in Glacial blue, the best perfomer in all terrains to get her cycling skills to the next level. 

"This is my dream bike. It not only looks magestic, but it accelerates super fast. During sprinting, it feels like the bike is pushing me forward." 

Seeing Bernadette's dreams materialize on the wheels of the AURUM Magma fills us with pride. But the spotlight now turns to YOU.

Are you a part of the AURUM family, a proud owner or an passionate fan? The stage is yours! Share your #AurumExperience below for a chance to win an exclusive limited-edition Aurum mug and a chance to have your bike showcased next!

Let's keep the passion and the wheels spinning. Here's to AURUM – more than a bike, it's a journey of a lifetime! 



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