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AURUM's first model, Magma, is the ultimate racing road bike.

It is the best performer on any road terrain, the one to be chosen no matter what the route profile and conditions

It is faster everywhere. Magma is the bike that Contador and Basso wish they had had throughout their careers. Born from experience, it’s a project that has kept them busy since they retired from professional racing.

Magma is agile, light and fast. But from the outset Contador and Basso agreed that it must be balanced in its handling: comfortable and compliant enough for long rides, yet stiff while climbing off-the-saddle. Reactive at its front end when cornering to track every tight corner with precision, yet stable to inspire confidence on even the fastest open descents.

When purchasing MAGMA as a complete bike, customers will be able to select frame color, size, group set and components. Price is subject to bike specifications. 

Ask us for size availability!

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