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This shirt was created mainly for the intermediate seasons (autumn – spring) combined with a windproof vest in case of need.
Composition – 92% polyester , 8% elastomero.

What is an elastomero material?

An elastomeric material is any material exhibiting elastic or rubber-like properties. Generally speaking, elastomeric materials are measured in material type, compound, and durometer (the material's hardness).


Short-sleeved raglan sweater with soft but at the same time tight-fitting fabrics that shape every type of build; its strong point is the print that makes each of its lines unique, highlighting each single piece as a “hand-drawn” garment.The hot-melt iridescent MB adhesives blend perfectly with the graphics such as the concealed ykk zip with camlock slider.Neck edge, bottom of the shirt and edges of the pockets are finished with an elastic cord making the ends of the product adhere uniformly; the sleeves with raw cut give a unique comfort to the shoulders avoiding any rubbing during the exercise.Design, as always, unique and elegant.

About MB Wear Brand

MB WEAR was born out of the passion between Tiziano Dall’Antonia and Marco Bandiera, two professional bicyclists who managed to transform their many years of experience into a true advantage for their products. This is a brand invented with the purpose to create a sport product made of high quality raw materials and capable of ensuring comfort, strength and durability. Those features were put into the creation of professional products designed for the world of bicycling, running and nordic skiing, each one of them loaded with distinctive and specific features but always relying on the same philosophy.The philosophy of our products.

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