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P ZERO™ Race TLR synthetizes the advantages of the tubeless technology in an all-rounder cycling tyre for high-intensity training sessions and races.

The Pirelli P Zero Race TLR combines advanced technology, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship to provide an unparalleled riding experience. Let's explore the key features and benefits that make this tyre a true game-changer:

Speed and Efficiency: The P Zero Race TLR is built for speed. Its low rolling resistance ensures optimal energy transfer, allowing you to ride faster and cover more ground with ease.

Grip and Control: Achieve superior traction and cornering confidence with the P Zero Race TLR. Its advanced tread pattern, combined with Pirelli's innovative SmartNET™ Silica compound, offers exceptional grip on both wet and dry surfaces. 

Comfort and Smoothness: Enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride, thanks to the Pirelli P Zero Race TLR's supple casing and optimized construction. 

Tubeless Ready: Embrace the benefits of tubeless technology with the P Zero Race TLR. Designed for easy conversion, this tyre allows you to ride with lower tire pressures, reducing the risk of punctures while enhancing grip and comfort.

Durability and Reliability: Pirelli's commitment to quality ensures the P Zero Race TLR is built to last. 

Lightweight Design: The P Zero Race TLR is optimized for performance, and its lightweight construction plays a crucial role. Minimizing rotational weight, this tyre enhances agility and responsiveness, allowing you to excel on climbs, sprints, and all-out efforts.

Upgrade your cycling capabilities with the P Zero Race TLR and experience the pinnacle of Pirelli's tire technology. Unleash your full potential on the road and conquer new horizons with confidence.


P ZERO™ Race TLR 28-622 and P ZERO™ Race TLR 30-622 are compatible with hookless rims according to ETRTO 5bar/73psi max pressure limitations.

P ZERO™ Race TLR 24-622 and P ZERO™ Race TLR 26-622 are NOT compatible with hookless rims.

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