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Pirelli Cinturato Road

Pirelli Cinturato Road

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The Cinturato Road has been designed by our engineers in our Bollate factory to offer protection and comfort for your daily riding. From leisure weekend rides to fast urban commuting, the Cinturato Road is a versatile tyre, able to provide a long lasting performance in various riding conditions and terrains. It features the SmartNET Silica compound, able to provide superior grip in all kinds of weather conditions without compromising the rolling resistance efficiency. The 60tpi fabric TechWALL+ tube-type casing guarantees an enhanced puncture protection and high milage thanks to its multiple reinforced layers.

  • Protection
  • Milage
  • Grip


SmartNET™ Silica

Pirelli SmartNET™ Silica technology delivers high rolling efficiency, thanks to its natural anisotropic orientation, which reduces heating while increasing elasticity, to help minimise energy dissipation.
Enjoy highly reliable wet grip. The wide surface of the silica rod molecules enhances its natural water affinity, delivering confident handling on wet.
Puncture resistance and extensive mileage. Pirelli’s SmartNET™ Silica compound features microscopic rod-shaped particles, that are arranged systematically, rather than chaotically, creating a strong, long-lasting tyre.


Tech Wall+ Road

The new TechWall+ Road casing, based on a 60tpi fabric, delivers superior suppleness together with great air retention and easy fitting. The reinforcement layers make it a high reliable and durable structure without compromising its rolling resistance efficiency. This means superior puncture protection and high milage, suitable for various application. The TechWall+ Road is our best tube-type solution for an all-rounder tyre designed to go further.

The TechWALL+ ROAD is an exclusive feature of the Cinturato Road

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