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Introducing the All-new Gold STC, a high-performance endurance road bike that prioritizes both speed and comfort. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this bike is crafted to enhance your riding experience.

The Gold STC features an advanced STC carbon layup, ensuring optimal power transfer and responsiveness. This innovative construction technique guarantees a smooth and efficient ride, allowing you to effortlessly conquer those long, hilly rides.

Weighing in at a mere 830g (including all alloy parts), the Gold STC is incredibly lightweight without compromising on durability. This lightweight frame allows for agile handling and effortless climbing, making it the perfect companion for both competitive races and long endurance rides.

The fully integrated front end of the Gold STC adds to its sleek aesthetic and aerodynamic advantage. Seamlessly merging with the frame, this design minimises drag and enhances your speed, giving you the edge you need to outperform the competition.

Engineered specifically for endurance riding, the Gold STC prioritises rider comfort without compromising performance. Every aspect of this bike has been carefully considered, ensuring a comfortable and efficient riding position even on the longest journeys.

With its ability to accommodate up to 32c tyres, the Gold STC offers exceptional versatility. Whether you're tackling rough roads or seeking extra comfort, this bike provides stability and traction, ensuring a confident ride.

Experience the perfect blend of performance and comfort with the All-new Gold STC. It's time to take your riding to new heights and unlock your full potential on the road.



Experience unmatched comfort and endurance with our new Gold STC geometry. Meticulously crafted with your riding pleasure in mind, this design prioritises your comfort on every mile of your journey. The Gold STC geometry has been carefully engineered to provide a perfect balance between a relaxed riding position and efficient power transfer, allowing you to conquer long rides without compromising your comfort. With this innovative geometry, you'll feel the difference as you effortlessly glide through each pedal stroke, ensuring a truly enjoyable and enduring cycling experience. Upgrade your rides with our Gold STC geometry and discover a new level of comfort and endurance on the road.


Experience the ultimate in sleekness and aerodynamic performance with our fully integrated front design. The seamless integration of the front end creates a clean and polished aesthetic, giving your bike a streamlined and modern look. Not only does it enhance the overall appearance, but it also provides a significant aerodynamic advantage, reducing wind resistance and optimising your speed and efficiency. With our fully integrated front end, you'll experience the sensation of slicing through the air effortlessly, giving you the edge you need to excel in your rides.

Upgrade to our cutting-edge design and enjoy the benefits of a seamless look and aerodynamic advantage on your cycling adventures.


  • Gran Fondo Geometry - Perfected for both speed and comfort
  • Aero design features
  • Brand new mould featuring SSW (Super Smooth Wall) technology to optimse strength and save weight
  • Exclusive Sigmatex Spread Tow Carbon used in the layup along with our own custom blend of Toray T700, T800 & T1000 carbon for optimum comfort and strength to weight ratio
  • Medium stealth colour frame with  alloy hardware fitted - 830g
  • Optimsed for 30c tyres but can accept up to a 32c
  • Fully Integrated cable routing with hidden seat clamp
  • Replaceable alloy inserts used on dropouts for improved long-term durability
  • Kamm Tail seatpost design for aerodynamics and long distance comfort
  • CNC Machined disc mounts for easier, more accurate brake setup


Tyres: Continental Grand Sport Race 28c Fork: ORRO Gold STC Superlight 2.0
Handlebar: Deda Zero 1 Frame: ORRO Gold STC Disc
Stem: Deda Superbox Front Derailleur: Shimano 105 7150
Wheelset: Fulcrum R800 DB Brake Calipers: Shimano 105 7170 Hydraulic
Rear Derailleur: Shimano 105 7150 12 Speed Shifters: Shimano 105 7170 Hydraulic
Cassette: Shimano 105 R7100 11-34 Chainset: Shimano 105 7170 50-34
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